Baseball is Back

Baseball is back, and I hast high hopes f’r the detroit tigers this year. So far they art doing good. They had won 28 games and lost 14 games. Im hoping that they would win the ordinary series this year, becuase every time they make it to the playoffs, ‘r they make it to the ordinary series they lose. This hath been going on f’r few years anon. But haply this year would change. As long as the players keep up the hard work, they might make shift win this year. So far Miguel Cabera hath been doing good these past few years. He’s been getting his team really far. He won 1 triple coronet, 2 mvp awards, went to the All-Stars game, and won 5 silv’r slugger awards. But, hes not the only one getting his team to the top. Thither is also some great pitchers on this team to, such as Max Scherzer. Last year max scherzer was invit’d to play in his first all star game to represent the american league. His career end’d with 240 strike outs, 21 wins, and he was the only 20 game winner in the maj’r league. Whats cool about max is that he has 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye.



Who won March Madness

I know this was like ages ago but all my other blogs I’ve been updating you guys on the tournament so why not tell you who won.

It was Kentucky Wildcats vs. Connecticut Huskies. It was a very close and intense game the whole way through but Connecticut ended up beating Kentucky 60 to 54. I did not expect the Huskies to win. I thought the Wildcats would have it for sure. This is Connecticut’s 4th NCAA title that they had  won. Connecticut definitely killed Kentucky this game. The highlight started when Connecticut player Andrea Daniels made a very good dunk in the start of the game, and he ended up having 8 points, and 6 rebounds at the end. Connecticut’s guard Shabazz Napier, finished with 22 points, six rebound, and 3 assists, while Ryan Boatright finished with 14 points. The Huskies led by as many as 15 points in the first half. But Aaron Harrison, who pulled out wins with 3-pointers in Kentucky’s previous three games, missed a 3 from the left corner, and that would have given the Cats the lead. Kentucky never got that close again. The Kentucky coach said this “That 3 in the corner, if that would have gone in, maybe the game changes a little bit, but it didn’t.” The one thing that made Kentucky lose is that they missed a lot of their free throws which was a very lamentable thing. They would of been in the lead if they made their 3 pointers, and their free throws. The Wildcats went 13-for-24. UConn went 10-for-10, including Lasan Kromah’s two points to seal the game with 25.1 seconds left.  The Huskies were always one step ahead, until Kentucky’s biggest play. James Young which had 20 points, and seven rebounds hurt Amida Brimah with a monster dunk to start a three-point play and trigger an 8-0 run. I doted the dunk that he made it was very cool! In the middle of this, Boatright, who shut down Harrison’s twin brother, Andrew on the Wildcats team, twisted his left ankle while receiving a pass from Napier. He called a timeout, and looked very wrath. But he got the ankle worked on and came back out. Napier and Giffey made threes on UConn’s two possessions after the timeout, and that one-point lead was back up to five. fairly comfortable by this tight, taut, buzzer-beating tournament’s standards. The Kentucky Wildcats were No.1 during preseason, then a huge disappointment throughout much of this season. They waned a lot during the season, but then were seeded eighth for the tournament and came on strong in time for a run to the final. But they weren’t strong enough to beat Connecticut. Now Connecticut stands lofty on the NCAA title.

Overall the game was pretty good. Connecticut’s victory came after the Huskies players having some academic issues and couldn’t play last year in the tournament. This is Connecticut’s fourth title. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you banned us.” Said Shabazz Napier. They won their first in 1999, second in 2004, third in 2011, and now 2014. Who knows when they would win the next one?

Until next time. And dont worry I wont write about March Madness anymore. Adieu. 


Lamentable – of circumstances or conditions that are bad or unsatisfactory.

doted – be extremely and uncritically fond of.

Wrath – extreme anger

Wanes – To decrease gradually in size, amount, intensity, or decline.

Lofty – rising to a great height, very tall and impressive, very high and good : deserving to be admired

Adieu – goodbye


A poem for LA I have to write.

Thinking I stayed up all last night.

With my brain wanting to fight because I cant think of what to write.

With other homework and a swim meet on my side I don’t think I will

ever get this done on time.

With the computer screen laughing and the keyboards pointing.

Made things harder to type.

So I swam, sang, and sat in shame,

because I can’t think of what to write.

A poem for LA I have to write.


Who Made it to Sweet Sixteen in March Madness

If you watch madness then you would know how exhilarating  these games are. Lots of people I know would jump up and down and yell at the tv when watching the games. But, I wouldn’t blame them for doing that because these games are really intense, and the scores are always really close. You never know how the game is going to end, and you never know what to expect from the players. I love how the players always know how to play as a team, I love how they make incredible plays, and I love that they play because they love the sport and their committed to be successful when they get drafted in the NBA. This is why watching college basketball is my favorite.

Michigan had to beat Texas if they want to enroll to the sweet sixteen. And sure enough they did. In the first half, Michigan is already up by 10 points with some remarkable shooting performance. Nik Stauskas makes the first three pointer of the game, then shares a pass to Karis Lavert  to make another one. While Texas struggled to make shots. Stauskas made four three pointers, and Michigan ends up beating their record of fourteen three pointers in a game! Now isn’t that exciting! On the other hand its ALLEY OPP TIME! Stauskas made a perfect pass to Robinson for a dunk when there was three minutes left of the first half, then found Morgan for a perfect pick and roll. In the second half, Texas steals the in bound pass, then Taylor runs up to the basket as hard as he can to make a shot, but Robinson made phenomenal block! Anyways, Nik Stuaskas and Glenn Robinson were both amazing that night, and I hope they continue to be amazing if they want to proceed to the next round. Michigan ended up beating Texas 79-65, and they are now in the sweet sixteen.

Sweet Sixteen is the third round of March Madness. The teams that are playing in the Sweet Sixteen is Michigan vs Tennessee, Louisville vs Kentucky, Wisconsin vs Baylor, SDSU vs Arizona, Connecticut vs Iowa St., Michigan St vs Virginia, Stanford vs Dayton,  and UCLA vs Florida. The teams to win these games would go to the next round which is the Elite Eight.

Kentucky vs Wichita St. was probably the most exhilarating  game of the tournament. It was really amazing and close game. Kentucky beat the unbeatable Wichita  state in a very ambitious game. Kentucky’s three pointers defiantly made them win. The game went back and fourth the entire time. Kentucky leads by one point in the second half, but not any more as Wichita St. made a shot, and now they lead by one. Kentucky then makes a three pointer by young, now their up by two. Wichita St. goes up to make a lay up, but their still down by one. Wichita made a foul on Kentucky. Kentucky makes one free throw, now Wichita is down by two. Wichita St. shoots a three pointer, misses the shot and the buzzer went off and Kentucky wins the game 78-76.  See, the game just kept going back and fourth. Now this is a game I know people would jump up and down for.

exhilarating: making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling.

committed: feeling dedication

enroll: Enter

remarkable: Worthy of attention; striking.

phenomenal: Very remarkable; extraordinary.

exhilarating: Making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling.

ambitious: Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Intense: Having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.


Michigan lost to Michigan State

To begin with, I would like to say that this game was very execrable.

Michigan State exterminated Michigan last night, winning the game 69 to 55. This win lead Michigan state to win its fourth Big Ten Eastern Conference. After this win Michigan State would enroll to March Madness, but they’re going to have to beat a lot of teams if they want to stay in the tournament. If they beat Delaware, then they would play Cincinnati or Harvard depending on who wins the game. If they win that game, then they would continue playing other teams. If Michigan State loses a game then their out of the tournament.

Although I said the game was execrable in the beginning of the post, I actually thought it was really good and intense game. I just loathe that they lost in their conference. But that’s ok, because even though they lost they are still in the March Madness because there seed is number 2. If Michigan wins to Wofford, then they would play Texas or Arizonan, depending on who wins the game.

For those of you who don’t know what March Madness is. It is a very ambitious tournament played by the teams in the NCAA basketball league. Teams that are seeded 65 and lower get to play in the tournament. Each team would play against different teams. For example Michigan would play Wofford, and Texas would play Arizona. If Michigan beats Wofford,  they would play either Arizona, or Texas, depending on who wins the game. This is pretty much the way the tournament works, the winner of a game will continue to play other teams until they lose. If a team lost then they are eliminated from the tournament. The last four teams standing will play in the Final Four tournament. Two teams would play against each other, and another two teams would play against each other. The team who wins those games would play against each other for the Title.

Anyways, let’s talk about the game. Last time Michigan trounced Illinois to go to the top of the Big Ten title, but this game they lost to win the Big Ten tournament in their region. Michigan made 31.5 percent from the field, Virtually matching their season low of 31.1. They were also outrebounded 38-28. Nik Stauskas finished with 17 points and was selected to the all-tournament team. Derrick Walter Jr. had 11 points and was the only other Michigan player to reach double figures. Michigan State used the same starting five for the fifth straight game, the first time that’s happened all season. Michigan was already having inconvenience when the game started. Michigan St. led 25-14 midway through the first half. Harris ended the half, by taking a pass at midcourt and driving right through Michigan’s defense for a one-handed dunk to make it 38-29. Michigan State then opened the second half with 8 straight points to extend the lead to 46-29. Michigan never got closer than 10 again.

Execrable – Extremely bad or unpleasant.

exterminated –  Destroy

enroll – To enter something

ambitious – Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

eliminated – Completely remove or get rid of

Trounced – Defeat heavily in a contest

inconvenience – Cause trouble or difficulty

title – being the champion of a major sports competition.

loath – Feel intense dislike or disgust for.

Virtually – Nearly, and Almost.



Michigan Rolls to the top of the Big Ten title

Michigan came to Illinois with shots “that sew up its first outright Big Ten title since 1986.” Illinois was on a hot winning streak until Michigan came. It turns out Illinois wasn’t a problem for Michigan. The final score was 84-53.

Michigan beat Illinois with sixteen three  pointers. Nik Stauskas scored twenty four points, and seven of them were 3 pointers. Michigan hit most of their shots Inside the three point range this game. They also hit twenty nine of their shots from the field. But it was definitely the three pointers that kept them on top. By half time Michigan had five straight three pointers. Caris Levert added 15 points for Michigan, and Glenn Robinson III had thirteen. Jhon Horford also made a great performance on the boards. He made ten of them, and Michigan out rebounded Illinois 33-23.

Although Illinois won three straight games, the wolverines were unstoppable. Their coach  John Beilein said he didn’t see that kind of shooting performance coming.  “I haven’t even seen that in practice even.” “We were really good tonight.” Not only did the Wolverines have great shooting, but they also had three turn overs, and twelve assist.

Illinois was on a hot winning streak, beating three of their opponents that didn’t even get to fifty points. But in this game they didn’t even get to fifty points until their was three minutes left of the game, and Michigan got up there in the first half. By half time Michigan was in the lead 30-52.  Even though Illinois offense was bad, they did alright the first twenty minutes of the game.  Rayvonte  led Illinois with sixteen points , and Kendrick Nunn added fourteen. Other wise Michigan really got them that night.

Meanwhile Stauskas made an awesome buzzer beater. As the clock was wounding down on half, Illinois did not want Michigan to break 50. It was 49-30 and their was 20 seconds left. Illinois made 3 straight fouls to keep the Wolverines from the basket. When their was only 3 seconds left. Derrick Walter Jr. passed it to Stauskas, and launched yet another 3 pointer. Right when the ball went in the basket the buzzer went off.

I’m really happy that Michigan won this game. They were first at the bottom, and now they went to the top. I really hope it stays that way.



Winter Olympics Hockey

If you didn’t watch hockey at the Olympics, then you missed out on some pretty good games. For the bronze it was USA vs. Finland, and for the gold it was Canada vs. Sweden. Destroying USA, Finland won the bronze medal beating them 5-0. I’m from America and I think it’s crazy that they lost. I watched the game and I didn’t see any effort from the Americans at all. It was like they didn’t want to win.  Teemu Selanne led his team around the ice to win the bronze. Selanne helped Finland win four medals in the last five Olympics, more than any other player in the NHL. Not only did Selanne help his team win, but Tuukka Rask did an amazing job by saving 27 goals. Selanne scored a goal and 11 seconds later Jussi Jokinen scored. This is the fastest we have ever seen in the Olympics. By the way Selanne is 43 years old and he will be retiring, but I am not really sure when.

Now let’s talk about USA. Patrick Kane had two penalty shots in the first two periods, but he missed both. This was one of his most frustrating games of his career. The Americans wasted their chance to win a medal in consecutive Olympic hockey tournaments, since winning the gold in 1960, and silver in 1956. Finland, meanwhile, took advantage of two power plays in the third quarter. Jonathan Quick the goalie for the U.S team gave up five goals over 21 shots in the last two periods. Anyway the Americans were humiliated by their loss.

Now let’s talk about Sweden vs. Canada. I did not watch the game, but I am pretty sure it was a really good as Canada won the gold beating Sweden 3-0. Jonathan Toews scored in the first period, and Carey Price made 24 saves. Canada won the gold for the third time after the last 4 Olympics. This is their ninth Olympic hockey gold medal. Sweden was also unbeatable, until the final game. Lundqvist, the goalie for the Sweden, saved 33 goals, but still could not keep up with the pace. As Canada got goals from its two best centers, Sweden was actually missing 3 of its best centers. Jeff Carter the center for the Canadian team passed it to Toews and shot the first goal of the game. Sweden really believed that if they had their centers they would have played a much better game.

NBA-All Star Game

WOW! What a smashing All-Star game last weekend. It was a close game, but Eastern defeated Western with a score of 163-155. The East set a record for most points scored in an all-star game. The 21 year old player Kyrie Ivring, showed his inconceivable talents that night and led his team to win. Scoring 31 points and making 24, and 14 assists, he won the MVP award. LeBron James gave Ivring some tips on how to hold the trophie because he didn’t know what to do when they gave it to him. Not only did Ivring dominate that night but Blake Griffin also had a remarkable game. Blake set the field goal record with 19 points, and 10 of them were dunks. Beating the old record of 17. He also scored 38 points. There was plenty of 3 points strived in this game. Both teams combined, there was 100 3 pointers attempted, shattering last years record of 71. The west set a single team record of 3 pointers attempted. They attempted 56 and last year was 39. Carmelo Anthony made eight 3 pointers breaking the old record of 6 by Mark Price, and LeBron James. As you can see there is tremendous amount of record breaking in this game. Some guy named Jhony Dang known for selling watches for athletes, said if the east beat the west they could get a refund on there watches. There was 37 watches sold which costs 200,ooo dollars. Not only do the costumers get there money back but they get to keep there watches. This is very uncanny thing to do and I think it is very weird  to bet on an all star game.

For more details  you can visit these websites (,http:// and and if you want more of the latest sports news please check out my blog. 

Smashing: Excellent, Wonderful

Defeated: Being beaten

Inconceivable: Not capable of being imagined

Dominate: to take control

Plenty: A large amount of something

Strive: Make a great effort to achieve something.

Shattering: Very Shocking

Tremendous- Very great in amount

Uncanny- Strange or Mysterious

Remarkable- Worthy of attention